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Our Streamlined Application Process is Fully Digitised, Optimising Efficiency, Saving You Valuable Time, and Significantly Accelerating Turnaround Times.

Step 1:​

To get started with an application simply click the "Click here to apply!" widget on this page, fill in your details and our document collection system will automatically send you an email with a link to your private client portal where you can fill in the necessary live application forms and upload the necessary supporting documents for the application. Please note, the system automatically requests the general supporting documents we would need, but every application is unique and in some cases, certain supporting documents won't be needed. Please send us a message within the document collection client portal if there are any documents you do not have and our team will assess whether they are crucial to your loan application.

Step 2: 

We might request to meet face to face or on Teams to assess and understand your requirements.

Step 3:

Conclude a formal mandate and identify your needs and propose the optimal funding solution, which typically encompasses the following:

·       What structure would work best for you;

·       Structuring interest payments to match the your affordability;

Step 4:

Once the above has been agreed, we introduce our motivation to the most suitable funder/s.

Step 5:

Once approved, we attend to all legal contracts and make payment upon finalizing these requirements. To begin the process, simply click on the "Click here to apply" widget. We look forward to being of service to you!

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