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What Makes Us a Leading Financial Services Provider

After two decades of successful operations in the logistics industry, catering to a significant market share of esteemed Blue-Chip Companies across various sectors, Founder Johan Dirkse Van Schalkwyk recognized the need to give back to the loyal sub-contractors who played an instrumental role in the company's achievements. As a result, ARTS Asset Finance (AAF) was established.

AAF aspires to become the foremost financing partner and trusted catalyst for the growth and prosperity of sub-contracted haulers in the logistics industry. Our vision is centered around empowering these haulers by providing them with secure and dependable vehicles, competitive financing solutions, and comprehensive support. By driving operational excellence and fostering long-term prosperity, we aim to reshape the logistics financing landscape.

Our commitment to innovation, integrity, and industry expertise positions us to deliver sustainable value for our stakeholders and play a pivotal role in advancing the transportation sector.

The mission of AAF is to offer tailored financing solutions that enable sub-contracted haulers to thrive in the logistics industry. We are fully devoted to partnering with our service providers and leveraging our extensive experience and network to deliver competitive interest rates and flexible financing options. Through the integration of our profound industry knowledge, operational expertise, and unwavering commitment to our client and service providers’ success, we strive to be the catalyst that drives the growth, efficiency, and financial stability of our esteemed sub-contracted haulers and clients alike. Through collaboration, we aim to foster enduring relationships, fuel innovation, and create a positive impact on the logistics landscape, one hauler at a time.

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