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Unlock Growth with ARTS Asset Finance

By choosing ARTS Asset Finance as a funding partner, sub-contracted haulers can enjoy numerous advantages that contribute to their operational efficiency, cost savings, and growth opportunities.

These benefits include:


Secure Lower Deposits

ARTS Asset Finance will endeavor to secure lower deposits for sub-contracted haulers, relieving them from the burden of providing large deposits to secure funding for their trucks, this eliminates the need for significant upfront capital and enables them to allocate their resources more effectively.


Preserved Bank Credit Lines:

Sub-contracted haulers can preserve their bank credit lines for other business needs. With ARTS Asset Finance as their funding partner, they can avoid tying up their credit lines solely for truck financing purposes, giving them greater financial flexibility.


Competitive Interest Rates

ARTS Asset Finance strives to secure competitive interest rates for its clients. By leveraging its industry expertise and extensive network, AAF negotiates favorable financing terms, ensuring that sub-contracted haulers can access funds at rates that are conducive to their financial stability and growth.


Work Opportunities:

ARTS Asset Finance, in collaboration with its sister company African Road Transport Services (ARTS), actively assists sub-contracted haulers in securing work. This close partnership provides an additional avenue for haulers to access job opportunities and expand their operations.

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